Speech therapist works with patient

Applied Behavior, Speech, and Occupational Therapy

Three Therapies Under One Roof

Our speech therapists are specially trained to work with children who are on the autism spectrum. Speech therapy is integrated into your child’s ABA therapeutic day, all at one site. Occupational therapy helps your child with a variety of functional skills. Our ABA, speech, and occupational therapists work together to assure your child’s treatment plans coordinate behavior and speech needs.

Speech Therapy

What are speech and language delays?

  • They are difficulties understanding or expressing thoughts.
  • They’re common and affect millions of children and adults. They can affect anyone at any age.
  • They can make communication difficult. Speech and language disorders can vary from slight difficulties and a person’s inability to communicate/talk at all. Several communication disorders can occur at the same time.

LINKS to Language

LINKS to Language is a structured and sequenced language learning program that teaches children the prerequisites needed for learning receptive(what the child understands out of practiced routines of the home and school) and expressive (connecting words together to form thoughts) language skills. LINKS to Language teaches preverbal skills such as increased focus, attention, sustained eye contact and auditory memory.

The program builds by teaching simple to complex language forms in a systematic and logical way in which children learn on a developmental “typical” continuum which makes language learning much easier. The program also uses correction based practice, so the child never exercises error when learning. This is excellent for a child’s confidence and self-esteem.