Behavior Intervention in Houston

Our BCBAs conduct a functional behavior assessment to develop a behavioral intervention plan that meets the needs of your child. The goal of this plan is for BCBAs to communicate with parents and caregivers weekly, to provide training, support, and aid families in preventing problem behavior, responding to undersired behavior, and teaching children replacement socially acceptable behaviors. Your child’s private certified registered behavior technician, and your child’s BCBA will collect data throughout each day and this data is shared with our families during weekly parent training meetings.

Behavior Intervention Includes:

ABA Therapy for Life knows how important it is to get our children into an academic school program as early as possible. So each of our classrooms provides a mock “practice” real-school setting where we invite parents to come in and join us in classroom activities such as story reading in cirle time and art/craft activities.


  • 1:1 clinic behavior intervention
  • Mock classroom intervention
  • Our classrooms prepare children to transfer taught skills into future academic classroom settings
  • In-home caregiver training and intervention
  • School staff training and intervention
  • Home sessions to transfer skills for generalization
  • School based therapy
  • Home therapy intervention

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