Houston ABA Services

ABA Therapy for Life’s Difference

Applied Behavior Therapy for Life surpasses all in that each of our separate classrooms is led by its own Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and graduate interns who provide hands-on supervision and training in that classroom all day, every day. Our BCBAs do not rotate between classrooms. Leadership eyes are on your child every learning moment. Your children are safe and in good hands with this degree of supervision and training.

A View Into Our Classrooms

ABA Therapy for Life knows how important it is to get our children into an academic school program as early as possible. So each of our classrooms provides a mock “practice” real-school setting where we invite parents to come in and join us in classroom activities such as story reading in cirle time and art/craft activities.

A Day In Our Classroom

Your child’s day will begin and end with classroom routines like:

  • Learning how to organize and put belongings away
  • Greeting friends in socially appropriate ways
  • Participating and joining several “circle time” activities each day
  • Completing daily goals and targets in treatment plans through: Singing, dancing, movement, and music gross motor skill activities fine motor skill activities social skills speech skills and programs language skills and programs arts and crafts structured peer groups potty training routines and programs self-feeding routines and programs
What’s more? Gymboree Play and Music visits each of our classrooms weekly.

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