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ABA Shadowing Services in Houston

Children with autism in inclusive learning settings need an advocate who will help them maximize their potential. ABA Therapy for Life in Houston understands how stressful and frustrating inclusive settings can be for autistic children, and ABA's goal is to help children overcome these hurdles with the help of a personal advocate who will shadow them and use applied behavior analysis techniques.

For autistic children, the first way they often express their frustration is through their behavior. Having the exclusive and focused support of someone who understands this and is familiar with a child's individual behavior patterns is the key to addressing the frustration, overcoming it and finding workable learning solutions. Without the help of a personal advocate who can help overcome difficulties, misunderstood children with autism are often removed from the learning environment.

ABA For Life understands the importance of keeping autistic children in the learning environment by working through behavioral outbursts. Inclusive learning settings help children develop social skills, motor skills and cognitive skills. A personal advocate who shadows children in these environments provides support in motivation, developing friendships, completing tasks, social cues, perspective understanding, nonverbal language and stress reduction.

For autistic children who need help in inclusive learning environments, ABA conducts an initial assessment of the child. Interviews with the parents or caregivers are also important. When program approval is granted, a personal advocate who will shadow the child is introduced. This individual accompanies the child to all classes and activities in a public or private school. Assessment, monitoring, programming and therapy are all included benefits that are important for each child's individual success.

An Effective Option For Over A Decade

The shadowing method has been proven as an effective option for over a decade. Many students with autism have used it and are now functioning independently in general education classes. Our professionals are trained to identify each child's areas of developmental needs, and they know how to implement these skills in a way that children build them as habits. The skills necessary for inclusive learning settings must be taught in a special way to children with unique learning needs.

Another benefit is that a Board Certified behavior analyst will supervise the entire shadowing program. Parents and teachers are encouraged to contact the BCBA at any time with concerns or questions. Consultation plans also include monthly reports, monthly consults, parent training and educator training. For questions or a qualification assessment, call ABA today.

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Location: 3000 Weslayan St., Suite 105 Houston, TX 77027

Phone: (713) 218-9947



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