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Bringing the Classroom Experience of ABA and Speech Therapy to the Grand Parkway Corridor

(servicing Richmond, Katy, and Sugar Land)

How do we do it?

1 Our preparatory program focuses on pre-requisite skill acquisition, pre-academics, and behavior modification.

We want your child to learn about the world, build self-confidence, and be prepared for the least restrictive academic and community environment, while doing so in safe and nurturing classroom environment guided by professionals who work individually with your child.
Experiences present learning opportunities. Children learn most when the instructional activities make up segments of their day, like our classroom therapeutic schedules provide.

Our classrooms encourage and teach these targets:

Language development

  • Auditory comprehension
  • Expressive language skills

Cognitive Growth

Advantages of classroom learning with 1 child to 1 behavior technician provide:

  • Maturity

Speech Therapy

  • Speech therapy offered in the classroom through inclusion
  • Speech therapy offered through pull out

Physical Development

  • Refine physical skills

Emotional development

Increase attention skills

Concept of cooperation


  • Turn taking
  • Sharing

Mental Development

Independence and self-care for activities of daily living

  • Learn to take care of themselves
  • Toileting readiness
  • Feeding skills: diet variety, oral motor development, eating and drinking independently


  • Learning how to wait for a turn, for example, for a toy or a turn to do a preferred activity

Readiness to learn more independently and to learn skills from a teacher and peers

Excitement/Happiness of learning

  • Therapy programs and targets should be fun and inspire children to learn

Learn through assimilation and accommodation

Process of separation

  • Developing trust with their therapists/teachers, and comfort in their classroom environment
  • Better performance in future education
  • Group activities while maintain a 1:1 therapeutic ratio, stimulate your child to learn language through play in the natural environment and while in discrete trial training.

Children with different levels of development and skills grow and learn from professional models and peers round them. Children learn to engage better with other children and adults. Our classroom environment allows children to develop skills for listening, following directions, language expression, sharing, and understanding and being accountable for their actions.

Enroll now for April 2019 opening date.

How do I enroll my child in your newly opening Grand Parkway corridor (Richmond/Sugar Land) location?

STEP 1: Call our Galleria office (713-218-9947) located at 3000 Weslayan St., Suite 105, Houston TX 77027

STEP 2: Send a copy of your child’s diagnostic report stating a diagnosis of autism. If you do not have a diagnosis yet and suspect your child may have autism, we can provide referrals for psychologists and developmental pediatricians who can diagnose your child.

STEP 3: Many insurance policies pay for ABA therapy and speech therapy. We can assess your benefits and ask your insurance company if it pays for ABA therapy and speech therapy at no charge to you. If you do not have insurance, we can provide referrals for you to speak with insurance brokers and online market place websites.

STEP 4: When your insurance benefits are known, our office will apply for authorization from your insurance company to assess your child. Following the assessment, we will place your child on our classroom list. A fully refundable deposit is necessary to hold your child’s placement with terms and conditions.

We currently have availability for 20 children in our program. When the classrooms are filled completely, we can place your child on a “wait list” in the event we are able to accommodate your child.

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About Us

Our second location will be along the Grand Parkway corridor with convenient access to Richmond, Sugar Land and Katy.

Location 1: 3000 Weslayan St., Suite 105 Houston, TX 77027

Location 2: Coming Soon to along Grand Parkway corridor 77406

Phone: (713) 218-9947



Santa came to visit and took photos with our children....and even made time for a few staff photos! 🌲⛄️❄️🥛🍪

Halloween fun for everyone!

The Fall Festival was a hit! Thank you to all of our families who joined us, Krystina Way and team!

Speech Therapy

speech-logoLooking for our sister company Speech Therapy For Life? Click here for more information on Speech Therapy. Our offices are located in the same building, which allows us to handle both types of clients under one roof. This way your child benefits from twice the amount of available resources.